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Raw Reviews


"Buddha's Brew was one of the first kombucha brands I tried that didn't taste terrible to me. It's so easy to get into drinking it often - so refreshing and delicious, and such a health elixir!." - Mia M


"I'd seen Kombucha in passing but never knew what is was. One day at the Full English Cafe I saw the tart cherry melon flavor, and it called to me. I had to try. EXCELLENT! The flavor is amazing, and it's good for you, too! I will definitely try other flavors! Excellent product!" Elesha S.


"Hello, My husband and I love your products! Your kombucha is tangy and a great way to be healthy on the go!" -Lauren S.


"Our family loved what we bought @ the NB Market !!! Our 6 yr old could not get enough of it. We even REutilize the glass containers in our home. Our 22 yr old visited on another day and raved to us about it...great product! Thanks. Here is a gift to you....consider listening to our 22 yr old's band @ thanks again... will see you @ market !" -Karyn W


"I have just recently moved to Austin. I found kombucha a couple years ago and used it to aid my digestion problems. As I kept drinking it, I realized it was great for everything! Since I have moved to Austin, Buddha's Brew has filled all my kombucha needs and more. - Mallory"


"My family and I love your Kombucha. Best brand out there on the store shelves. My kids get into fights on who can be first to get a sample at the farmers market." -Shellee W.


"Buddha's Brew tastes better than any brand on the market. It is more like homemade than any other I've tried." - Cindy S.


We just tasted your brew for the first time this week and it is truly delicious! <3 I am picky about my booch, kudos to you guys, I am a big fan! <3 We were hesitant to buy the big jug because we have been really disappointed by other brands but I am truly impressed! So much so that you get to be the first and only Kombucha brewery that I have ever emailed to tell you guys you are doing great work! I am headed to the store to buy a couple of jugs right now! Peace and kidney beans! - David & Zoey C

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