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A cart of comfort and fun! 

Thank you for browsing our shirt selection! We're happy you found something to your liking.

We source high quality shirts that are soft and comfortable.

We want to be one of the favorites in the closet!

As you add one of these to your shirt collection, consider that they make great gifts ;)


Few Things to consider before you complete your order.

  • Would you like stickers, pins or a koozie? You can either add these selections to your cart or include request in checkout notes area!

  • Are you aware of our multi shirt order discount?

    • 2 shirts: $25. 3: $33, 4: $40

      • *Surcharges of a dollar or two for larger sizes still apply. 

  • Do you live in Austin, and want to pick up your shirt from a Farmers Market we are at? You'd receive a $5 discount PER SHIRT! Mention this in memo, chose pay later and we will invoice you via paypal prior to shirt pick up. 


Notes for completing your order.

Only ordering one shirt this time? Chose Checkout now with Paypal and we'll be able to get your shirt out to you sooner, as we won't have to create an invoice.


Ordering multiple shirts or chosing a pick up option? Chose Checkout and then under payment - chose Manual Payment. We currently don't have coupon codes for these offers so we need to create a custom paypal invoice and email it to you. This invoice could come as soon as a few hours or take a few days. Periodically we are away from the office for a few days so a further delay could happen and we apologize.


Thanks again for your purchase!

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