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Kombucha Education!

Buddha's Brew kombucha is equally tantalizing, invigorating and rejuvenating.

Organic ingredients and fair trade tea are used in our brewing process.

We believe high-quality, effective, live culture kombucha can and should be delicious and the recipe for each flavor was delicately crafted with that in mind.

Striving for optimal health, we brew and bottle our Kombucha to have the perfect balance of ingredients that support live cultures and enzymes.

The Buddha's Brew crew carefully monitors each batch for taste and quality to ensure it meets our high standards in this regard.​

Live Culture Strains: 

G. Xylinus, Z. Bailii, 

D. Bruxellensis, D. Anomala 

& P. Membranifaciens


How's it made?

Kombucha is made from culture - a live blend of healthy bacteria and beneficial yeast - which is immersed into a mixture of organic sugar and tea. During this fermentation, the culture consumes the tea and sugar producing: live cultures, beneficial acids, enzymes, amino acids.

Don't have Buddha's Brew in your area?

Here's a simple 3-step experiment to find out if your Kombucha is Alive:


1: Pour an inch or two of your test kombucha into a wide jar such as a mason jar

2: Cover with a cloth such as cheesecloth to keep things out

3: Leave out at room temp to see how fast a culture grows!

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