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Ginger is a favorite of those who love Ginger. Our powerful kombucha meets freshly juiced and pressed Ginger for an intense mouthfeel of flavor. 


Available In:

Tingle on the Tongue
Satisfying Herbal Strength​

Heal me Inside Out

Ginger contains immunity-boosting properties and has been used to fight off and alleviate cold and flu symptoms

Ginger "root" is not really a root but  a rhizome, which is an underground stem plant used to store water and nutrients

Ginger can act as an antiseptic when applied to small cuts or abrasions​

After a large meal, the ancient Greeks would wrap bread around a piece of ginger, and eat it to ease indigestion - giving rise to gingerbread.

16 oz Bottled

67 oz Growler

On - Tap

Suggested Flavor Combos:

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