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Kombucha in Kegs

The following information is available for only the following areas:
Dallas to Austin to San Antonio
We cannot Ship Kegs.
If you reside in those areas we are excited to announce our refreshed keg program effective Jan 2nd 2018! 
If you are a retailer please click here or email for more info - this site is for direct keg sales and keg rentals. 

Our 1/2-Gallon Glass Jugs go by such names as Growlers.  They are a perfect way for multiple servings for when you don't need a keg but need more than 16 oz.



Our 5-Gallon Ball Lock Kegs go by such names as Homebrew, Soda (Pepsi) and Cornelius Kegs. They are a cost effective and environmentally-friendly way to serve Kombucha. With kegs there is a bit of set up involved so visit here for all the info you need.


There are three potential set-ups:

1 - a no-frills approach with keg in ice bucket or mini-fridge with a picnic spout

2 - a stand-alone kegerator set up for corney kegs

3 - the tap set-up for a location with a tap system in place.



Kombucha in Kegs 101

We are currently adding on to this page as we can.
For immediate questions please email Marketing @ with "KEG INFO REQUEST" in the subject line for more info & pricing.

1. Home & Event set-up (the "no-frills" approach)


For this set-up, here's what you will need:


-A filled 5 lb CO2 Tank

-Dual gauge regulator

-MFL air line disconnect with clamps and air line hose

-MFL liquid disconnect with clamp, no foam beer line,

and picnic spigot

-Keg of Buddha's Brew Kombucha

-A way to keep your keg cold such as an open fridge or a barrel with ice


The above equipment can be rented from us for events with a duration of a day or two for only $20 and a $200 Refundable Deposit. 


For long term needs, the above equipment can be purchased from another retailer. One option is the kit pictured to the right. It's available from Austin Homebrew Supply. As of this writing, it's cost was $176 here's a link: also sells many keg conversion kits!



2. Home & Retail set-up (all-in-one Kegerator)


For this set-up, here's what you will need:


-A filled 5 lb CO2 Tank with Dual gauge regulator

-*Keg of Buddha's Brew Kombucha-Kegerator

- purchased ready to go or a fridge with a conversion kit.





Here are some links for purchasing other complete Kegerator system:

For retail locations, a Triple Faucet is reccomended so you can have 3 flavors on tap

[Local Site]

Here is a basic, non-compensated suggestion to help start your search: 

Make sure the Kegerator you purchase supports 5-gallon Cornelius/Soda/Homebrew kegs!!

Another option (cheaper) is to buy a mini fridge and take out the shelves so the keg can be placed inside and then connect a picnic spigot and co2 tank to the 2 connectors.


A mini fridge and the keg kit can be found used or possibly cheaper elsewhere but we do reccomend the ready to go set up to the left. Make sure mini fridge is atleast 29 inches tall as our kegs are 25 inches tall.

Beverage-Air Commerical

(possible 6 tap upgrade)  

Starting at $2575


With this retail set up you can have up to 6 flavors on tap at once!



(photo from

Already have a regular Kegerator? Convert it!


Here are a few links for Homebrew Conversion Kits:




3. Already have an existing tap set up?


It's easy to add Buddha's Brew to your Tap Selection. If you

are a retail establishment we can come out to your location by 

appointment to get you all set up. 

-All you need is a coupler (MFL liquid disconnect with clamp)

-3/16" Beerline (existing lines are fine)

-*Keg of Buddha's Brew Kombucha


Maintaince is simple. Clean lines on your  current schedule.

Quarterly cleaning should be the minimum.


Troubleshooting: If there is an air or kombucha leak, make

should coupler connections are screwed on tight!


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