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Bulk Kombucha

in Kegs & Growlers

Fresh, local and delicious Kombucha from Buddha's Brew


We offer our Kombucha in Cases of 12 (16oz bottles) and 5-Gallon Soda Kegs.


​​For Current Pricing, Email: BuddhasBrew-at-gmail-com


​Please include your store name, location, and contact info.


We currently deliver daily in Austin, Bi-weekly to Dallas,occasionally to New Brunfels and San Marcos and soon San Antonio!

Thank you for your interest in carrying Buddha's Brew Kombucha.​Buddha's Brew Kombucha is a fermented tea made with all organic and fair trade ingredients. Our Kombucha is full of healthy and energizing live cultures, enzymes, antioxidants and vitamins.​


Buddha’s Brew Kombucha is now a staple at many local Austin outlets, including over 140 local grocery chains, c-stores, restaurants and coffee shops. We believe Kombucha shouldn't have to taste medicinal, and many people claim ours is the best tasting Kombucha on the market.​


We bottle and brew by hand in our Southwest Austin Brewery by the greenbelt. Kimberly Lanski, brew master and owner of Buddha’s Brew, began making Kombucha for herself and her close friends after she became fascinated by its’ ability to help the body maintain a healthy metabolic balance. In 2006, due to tremendous demand, Kimberly and John-Paxton used their home brewing and culinary experience and created a local brand, Buddha’s Brew. Their ability to brew a consistently robust and flavorful Kombucha has led to its explosive popularity in the Austin and surrounding areas. It is an especially delicious and healthy Kombucha.


Buddha’s Brew delivers weekly to our retail accounts in Austin and Bi-Weekly to Dallas. We currently do appointment deliveries to San Marcos and New Braunfels and will soon be delivering to San Antonio!


​We offer Kombucha in 16oz bottles, 67oz Growlers (*new) and in 5-Gallon kegs, for on tap.​

A minimum order for delivery is four cases, or one keg.​​


*Bottled Kombucha: Case: 12- 16 oz. jars of ONE flavor.

​*CONTACT US for current price -

Typical retail price ranges from $3.19 to $4.50 per jar


*12 Bottled Flavors: Blueberry, Ginger, Cranberry, Grape, Classic, Honeydew, Pineapple Super Greens, Tart Cherry Melon, Peach-Mint, Tangerine & Sea Salt and Hop'D. 

*Plus a seasonal flavor offered in mason jars.


*Keg Kombucha: 5 Gallon Soda kegs: 40 -16 oz. servings per keg.

*CONTACT US for current price

 $50 initial keg deposit for stores, $50 deposit for personal.


*We occasionally have seasonal flavors offered in kegs, such as Tangerine, Strawberry, Blood Orange, Peach and Raspberry as well as others.


To set up an account and place an order call us or send an email.

If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to call.

Welcome to the joyful and healthful Buddha’s Brew family!​


Kimberly Lanski and John-Paxton Gremillion​

Owners​  --  512-736-4815 --  ​

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