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Blueberry, one of our first flavors, is a favorite of many. It's simple, yet bold, taste of blueberries goes nicely with our powerful Kombucha. 

A perfect flavor for everyone. 


Available In:
Luscious Blueberries
Delicious with Kombucha
Awake with Taste

Blueberries are one of the only natural foods that are truly blue in color.

Blueberries get their intense blue color from anthocyanins, substances that may reduce risk of heart disease in humans and are good for eyesight.

Although they're called "blue" berries, blueberries grow in a variety of shades from light blue to dark purple.

Blueberries were once called "star berries" because of the star-shaped formation on their skin left from the flower that formed the fruit.

At least 50 different species of blueberries have been identified.

16 oz Bottled

67 oz Growler

On - Tap

Suggested Flavor Combos:

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Tangerine & Sea Salt
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